NASA OceanColor API

class oceancolor.OceanColor

File search service retrieves publically available files within the NASA Ocean Data Processing System.

  • sensor (string) – mission name. valid options include: aquarius, seawifs, aqua, terra, meris, octs, czcs, hico, viirs
  • sdate (string) – start date for a search
  • edate (string) – end date for a search
  • dtype (string) – data type (i.e. level). valid options: L0, L1, L2, L3b (for binned data), L3m (for mapped data), MET (for ancillary data), misc (for sundry products)
  • add_url (string) – include full url in search result (boolean, 1=yes, 0=no)
  • results_as_file (string) – return results as a test file listing (boolean, 1=yes, 0=no, thus returns and HTML page)
  • search (string) – text string search
  • sub_id (string) – non-extracted subscription ID to search
  • std_only (string) – restrict results to standard products (i.e. ignore extracts, regional processings, etc.; boolean)
  • cksum (string) – return a checksum file for search results (boolean; sha1sums except for Aquarius soil moisture products which are md5sums; forces results_as_file; ignores addurl)
  • output_format (string) – valid options are: ‘json’, ‘txt’ and ‘html’

by default a json response based on the requested ‘output_format’. Options are ‘json, ‘txt’ and ‘html’.

get_file(url='', path='')

It is possible to mimic FTP bulk data downloads using the HTTP-based data distribution server at


a file object downloaded from the HTTP-based data distribution server at